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Virginia Winterstorm

Difficulty In Finding A Home Church

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Yes, my major spiritual help over the past year has been from two John Wright Follette books, Golden Grain and Broken Bread. They are marvelous. Two Trees Ministry has published them.




Those books look interesting to me, too.

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Church hopping is necessary sometimes, especially if you are seeking out what will become your church "home". I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as you can eventually settle somewhere.


I moved to a new community, so I was church hopping for a while, then I settled in the least likely place and stayed for quite a few years until I was forced into church hopping again by the closure of the chosen church, the place I had called home and loved. I did not "hop" much, having attended a church I had been interested in before (while previously church hopping) and it just felt right to be there again. So, there I am, in my new church home and family.


Things have changed in that church (the leaders, the congregation, the style) but I am there to worship, and to see what God has for me to learn in this new body of believers. I find it exciting!

I try to keep my eyes off growth as far as others are concerned. That's between them and God. It's my own growth I need to be concerned about. The church leaders are open, obviously humble and learning themselves and being led by the Spirit.


I hope you find a church home soon, if you haven't already?



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I agree church hopping is necessary sometimes. My family went to about six or so churches before we found the one the I believe God wanted us to be. It is about a forty minute drive, but it is where I believe God wants us to be.

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Thank you for your response.


I must admit it is unavoidable to not notice, after time pass, the lack of

growth within the body of church.


It is frustrating to me due to expectations. We are to continuously grow

in Christ.


Being around those who *choose* *not* to grow (gossip, backbiting, etc)

will effect my growth if I continue to fellowship like that.


No judgement here. It's my observation. Not one is perfect and there are

many different growth periods in the faith.


However, I pray and will continue to do so.


I may not find, "That", church. Hence, I will not intentionally give Satan

a foothold from the lack of no fellowship in the body of Christ. That will

contribute to me drifting into the ways of the world. (You get what I am



Yes, leadership being humble and learning themselves is understandable.


As I write this, I know I am being too hard on this subject. It comes from

many reasons.


However, this is helpful to get it out vs. holding this in and, again,

giving Satan a foothold.


Thank you for sharing.

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We were doing a fair amount of church hopping, in hopes of finding what we felt was the perfect fit. When I got serious about praying for the Holy Spirit to direct us. He clearly told me to join a Baptist church, this made no sense to me, I'm Pentecostal. When we first moved to our new home we visited the Baptist church because it was close. I didn't care for the pastor, the music, or the theology.

I laid a fleece before the Lord, and said if you want me in a baptist church you need to confirm it through my wife, then I dropped the idea. One week later my lovely wife said she felt the Lord wanted us at the baptist church.

The little baptist church we are now attending has a German baptist pastor and a Pentecostal associate pastor, and is filled with strong, spirit filled believers, both Baptist and Pentecostal.

As has already been said, let the Holy Spirit guide you. There is no such thing as the perfect church, because they are all filled with imperfect people like myself.

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Wow! I am so happy for you.

God is like that and it leaves you speechless.


I will go back on my knees before Him and let go.

In the meantime, I am attending a church that teaches the Word.

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