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Donald James

One Song

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One Song

Celebrating 75 of the Church on the Green
St Francis of Assisi, Lebanon CT
One last song offered in prayer by the former folk group of the parish.



One song offered on high,

four voices in harmony

blended by the years.

Intimate voices

praising the one truth,

called to minister long ago,

now called to other fields.


We have blessed many

despite our flaws.

We have touched the heart and soul

of those who stopped and listened.

We have ministered

to those who seek,

as to ourselves.


One song offered on high,

a bittersweet tune,

for we have sung its lyric

and played its chords

one last time.

We who are the harmony

offered to He who gives us voice.

We who are the intimate praise

offered to He who stoops low to listens



copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr


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Hello, Donald.  I'm glad to see you contributing here.   I really like this wistful song.   Makes one want to carry on the legacy in "songs, hymns and spiritual songs" :)

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