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Two Ways To Structure Your Novel

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I'm familiar with the Story Grid method using the 5 Cs for each of the Beginning Hook, the Middle Build, and the Ending Payoff. This article shows another way to look at it.



The Nine Checkpoints

  1. Hook: A compelling event that opens the story.
  2. Backstory: A bridge that introduces us to the main characters, establishes the setting, and preps for the next parts of the story.
  3. Trigger: An event that propels your protagonist into the crisis.
  4. Crisis: A decision point involving your protagonist’s key emotional dilemma that may include physical perils, as well.
  5. Struggle: A series of escalating try/fail cycles as your character works to resolve the dilemma.
  6. Epiphany: Your character’s aha! moment, the emotional realization of what’s preventing them from reaching their goal.
  7. Plan: Armed with newfound insight, your character formulates a plan of action.
  8. Climax: The ultimate confrontation between your protagonist and antagonist.
  9. Resolution: The dilemma is resolved and we feel the catharsis and tie up loose ends.



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Thanks for this, Phy.  This is easy enough to put in point form, less so to do in an original way.  

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