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Mike Duran On 'chaos Magic'

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Mike Duran is a Christian author and a friend of mine - he has a post up on FB today which I find interesting. (The magic he refers to here is, of course, fictional magic.) He notes that PostModernism has even infected fictional  magic systems.



I've been researching "chaos magic" for my WIP. Chaos magic is different from traditional forms of magic in that it discards rules and guidelines in favor of a more free-form, utilitarian applications of magic. Basically, it's whatever works. Magic is typically governed by formulas, order, and systems. The chaos magician breaks with precedent by employing atypical rites and ceremonies. The result is a synthesis of practices based on the practitioner's experience or preferences.

What's fascinating about this, to me, is how much chaos magic reflects the times. Postmodernism has crept into everything, including magic. So whereas magic was viewed as having this link to ancient knowledge and secret rites, as if the practitioner is tapping into timeworn arcane secrets, the chaos magician discards such knowledge in favor of pragmatism. To the chaos magician, devils, angels, curses, and blessings are inconsequent to just getting something done. The ends justifies the means.

Again, the fascinating thing about this is how post-modernism, and relativism has influenced our understanding of so many systems, including the deconstruction of magic systems.



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Back when I was teaching, the math book in use was called "Modern Algebra." I always wondered if what followed that was "Post-Modern Algebra."


1 hour ago, Phy said:

The ends justifies the means.

This has been true nearly as long as human beings have been able to justify their behavior, not just in magic.

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