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Announcing new release in Christian nonfiction, False Beliefs: The Serpent Seed Doctrine & Kenite Myth, Two concepts that are destroying the Gospel of Christ. Using biblical information, the work demonstrates the error in the idea that Eve bore Cain from Satan described as "that old serpent" and that Cain's offspring are the little talked about tribe in the Bible called the Kenites who eventually intermarried with the line of Judah. Other beliefs found in the Christian Identity Movement are also discussed. 


Link to book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFNXWCV

1526912073768_False Beliefs 004.jpg

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I can only imagine the work that you have put into this. I often find myself in debate with many who hold false doctrines. I was raised in a cult, so i am sensitive to false teachings. 

Looking over some of your work, I realize that I have never dealt with this issue(s).
I don't go looking for things to pick a fight with. Just reading the bible does that for me. 

But, I wanted to commend you on the effort that you are putting out here. I assume that the research was exausting. 


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Thanks Jeff for your encouraging words! My hope is that the work will help some people who are beginning to question this system. 

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