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Mario William Vitale

Can You Tell Me When I Could Come Out Of Writers Jail ?

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As Lynn and I both mentioned to you previously, the critique forum is a two-way street. By posting your work, you are also obligated to leave critiques for others (beyond just a "good job" type comment). We request that you leave at least two critiques for others per each one critique request you post.


These rules help keep the system fair by ensuring everyone receives critique for their work. If you are unwilling to give back to others in exchange for the time they spent helping you, this system isn't a good fit for your needs. In that case, you will forfeit privileges to the critique forum, but are welcome to pursue paid critiques for your work.


The bottom line is, CW is a community. It only works if we help each other. :)


If you need to review the critique forum guidelines, you can find them here. They are accessible by clicking the large red button that says, "Critique Rules - Read me before posting!" at the top of the critique forum itself.


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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Also, leaving a nice comment, such as "I like/love this," is not a critique. It is merely to get the points in. So be sure you leave something that is useful to the writer. Thanks! :D

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