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Robert Dewar

New Member Self-introduction

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Feasgar math,


Lynn Mosher asked me to introduce myself in "Meet & Greet". 


I am retired, in my sixties, and a Christian. I live in Scotland's West Highlands. I have two great passions: landscape photography (living in such a sublimely beautiful region, this passion is easily indulged); and writing. Between these two media, I express pretty much all that I wish to communicate to the World. 


I post my photographs on Flickr, under robertdewar345flickr  (I think that's what you Google if you're looking for me).

I post a new entry in my Blog "Urbi et Orbi", if not every day, then every few days. My Blog address is  www.rabbiedeoir.com  (that's my name in Scots Gaelic. The opening salutation to this Intro means "Good afternoon/good evening" in Scots Gaelic). 


My first published piece of writing was at the age of 21, with an article in the Argus, Cape Town city's daily newspaper. I've been published in a number of hard-copy journals - at times, rather prolifically, but often under a nom de plume. More recently I've been getting some of my work published in an online political journal. None of these articles have ever had a specifically Christian identity (though in several, my Christian faith and motivations are obvious to the reader). 


The great theological and metaphysical themes aside, my writing generally examines political, social, and economic issues. My Blog is an eclectic collection (you might call it a "Catholic" collection, eh-eh), of politics, philosophy, history, economics, sociology, theology, and metaphysics. It is only very recently that anyone much has begun to read it. Much of what I write about does not have a broadly popular appeal (that's too bad: I write what interests me: I cannot write what may interest Joe Citizen just because I think it would interest Joe Citizen; that's not the way I write). 


I am not on Face Book. Nor any other social site.  


I am glad to have been accepted into this online Christian community. Tapadh-leat. 


Beannachd Dia dhuit!


Rob Dewar.  

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Welcome to our writing family, Rob. Glad you joined us. Blessings on your writing. :D

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Welcome! Gaelic is a language that does fascinate me, although I've never had the guts to try and learn it. 

Looking forward to getting to know you

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