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April Is National Poetry Month...share A Poem

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Entertaining Words

By Malcolm Guite 

I turn a certain key within its wards,

Unlock my doors and set them open wide

To entertain a company of words.

Whilst some come early and with eager stride

Others must be enticed and coaxed a little,

The shy and rare, unused to company,

Who’ll need some time to feel at home and settle.

I bid them welcome all, I make them free

Of all that’s mine, and they are good to me,

I set them in the order they like best

And listen for their wisdom, try to learn

As each unfolds the other’s mystery.

And though we know each word is my free guest,

They sometimes leave a poem in return.



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This poem concludes my book Treasures in Dark Places: One Woman, A Supernatural God, and a Mission to the Toughest Part of India. The poem focuses on the plight of children in India who are victims of trafficking and slavery. 


Here we stand upon the land

   Dungeon keys in nail scarred hands

On we ride, the King and I

   Deputies of liberty, raiders of the night

You warlords of the mount and vale

   Trespassers on this turf,

Your time has come to be undone,

   Captivity’s ransom His blood has won.

Give back the ragged treasures

   broken slaves in darkness bound

Give back the newborn girls that lie

   abandoned on the ground

O chains of dearth disease and death

  O brothel dungeons dark,

Spirits of deceit and doom 

  Child tormentors, hark! 


The rightful King has purchased them

   They aren’t your property

Release you claws, you chains be torn

   Literacy taught, oppression shorn

Trafficker waits by the orphan’s gate

   Another day and it’s too late

Come forth, come forth O righteous host,

   When will your warriors ride?

How long, how long will you tarry afar,

   While treasures in darkness die?

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