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Looking For Christian Writers

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We are about to start publishing a monthly Christian news magazine  in Florida beginning in May.

We are seeking Christian writers to submit articles.

If you are interested, please send a couple of writing samples along with and a short bio and recent photograph.

You can email all of this to: PensacolaChristianVoice@gmail.com


God Bless You,


O’Neal Porter

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Congratulations on your new adventure. I am so excited for you and your team.


Are you only going to produce "news" articles, or are you considering feel good pieces as well.? I'm not a strong "news" writer, but I do have experience in bible discussion articles, and some feel good reporting. I had entertained the thought of a Christian column in my local newspaper, but it is a small paper and is not accepting columns at this time.


Once you get going, you will have more submissions than you can print I'm sure. While you are getting established, I would love to help in any and all ways I can. I love it when people answer the call that God laid on their lives in new and diverse ways. As we all know the harvest is plenty but the workers are few.  


Please contact me when you are able to see what I can do to help too. Otherwise, I will be praying for your outreach. God Bless!


ms.serena.fox@outlook.com I'm on facebook and twitter under ms.serena.fox as well.


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We will not be able to compensate you, but if we publish your work - most definitely you will receive several copies of the publication. Send me a couple of samples to: PensacolaChristianVoice@gmail.com


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Posted (edited)



Do you have a general word count you are looking for? 

Do you have any particular style, themes or templates you want us to follow? 

Are you looking for serial articles? 

If are you looking for "news" or "fashion" style pieces, I'm afraid I couldn't be much help to you there.


I am pretty good at character studies and articles that break down scriptures for their deeper meanings. My Sunday School class really enjoys when I present those in my lessons. Would that be something you think you might be interested in? 


If your publication offered freely to the public?

Edited by MS.Serena.Fox

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I have two pieces I am bouncing between, trying to decide which would be a better fit for your publication. I am working on them though. I hope to have you something by the end of next week at the latest. I'm very excited about the opportunity. 


Want to help me? Choose a number between 1 and 2. xD

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