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Free Marketing Class Tomorrow 3/13

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Email from Author Media. If you can't make it, sign up anyway. There's usually a replay.


Here’s your reminder to register for your free book marketing class with USA Today bestselling author Bryan Cohen and Author Media CEO and Novel Marketing Podcast cohost Thomas Umstattd.  


Writing a book description can be harder than writing the actual book itself.


At least, that’s what many authors say when they try to sum up their entire 50,000-100,000-word book in a 200-word blurb.


But according to Bryan Cohen, an author who’s sold over 100,000 books and written over 850 book descriptions in a variety of genres, writing a better blurb isn’t about being a master at summaries.


Writing better copy comes from focusing on the right aspects of the book from the start.


Like anything, better blurb writing also comes from practice.


During Tuesday's free training session, you’ll get some quick tips and a bit of practice that’ll help you improve your descriptions and your sales.


What: Online Class

When: Tuesday, March 13 at 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central.

Where: https://bryancohen.lpages.co/webinar-thomas-umstattd-3-13-18/

Who: Indie authors and trad authors working on their proposals. 

Why: Because writing about your book should not be harder than writing your book.

Cost: $0


If you’ve already spent time and effort to get better covers and to improve your craft, then why turn readers off with long, boring descriptions?


Join the webinar to help upgrade your author copywriting quickly and effectively.



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LOL So sorry they're working you so hard, Nicholas! xD


Chuck and SW, you can watch the replay any time you like. 

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On 3/12/2018 at 9:48 AM, lynnmosher said:

There's usually a replay.

Looks like it's good yet tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed that the horses stay in and the roof stays on, so I can catch it then.

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