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I Can Help You Name Your Book, Magazine, Website, Blog, Etc, Professionally

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Fellow writers,


I have realized how many writers struggle to give proper titles to their books or other writing projects. And Christian writers are not exempted from this reality.


As a professional brand name developer and naming consultant, I can confidently say that this problem is not peculiar to writers. In fact, it is a daily struggle for entrepreneurs, business owners and manufacturers of products.


Never forget the title you give to your book is very important, because it is the point of contact between your potential readers/buyers and the book.


Hence, I have decided to help as many Christian writers as possible name their new books, etc.


This professional service is not free though. However, it will be very affordable for you as a CWer!


If you're interested but want more details, please, send me a private message.


I look forward to helping you name your book, etc, soon.



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