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Resist Resistance

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Steven Pressfield knows what's keeping you from writing - resistance. Fortunately, he also knows what to do about it.




Just one sentence fights back Resistance

So you’ve made time in your schedule to start writing. Whether you’re planning your detailed outline or writing whatever comes to mind, you’ve created the time to do it.

This is when Resistance loves to ambush you.

You won’t want to write. You‘ll feel writer’s block. You’ll feel paralyzed by the empty page or the blinking computer cursor.

Resistance’s attack will seem impenetrable. And you’ll feel like a fool just sitting in a chair for a half hour, not doing anything.

So fight it a bit more by writing just one sentence.

It can be about your current project. It can be 20 scenes ahead of where you are in your current project. It can be a sentence you think might be better for five scenes ago. It can be a sentence for an entirely different project.

Just write one sentence.

That may be all you can write for that day. That’s fine.

But I’ve found that writing one sentence will help you to break down Resistance’s attack. One sentence usually leads to another, then another.

Soon, your scheduled writing time is over and you just want to write more.  Don’t.  Stop at your thirty-minute limit until you feel that desire to keep going seven straight days…then add five minutes more. Repeat.



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OK, so this is the resistance I'm feeling. I'm supposed to be writing, but instead, here I am, gleaning all this wisdom. I'm writing sentences, but not one the appropriate screen.


Thanks for offering this distraction.

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49 minutes ago, Nicholas Reicher said:

Writer's Block! I could go on and on about this thing that I almost never get andknow how to get rid of! I just don't want to hijack your thread!


I'd read that thread. ;)

Edited by Phy

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I so with you on that, Nicholas.  I like that whole idea.


By the way, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a stationary exercise bike in my writing room, barbells and variable resistance hand grips, too.  


I find most exercise equipment good for hanging clothes as well.


Never, however, do I stack printed materials on the treadmill in the other room in case the cats set it off on purpose by accident.

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