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So, this Christmas season, I'm reading my first novel to a computer. Using a good microphone, As an audiobook gift to a relative who mentioned he would not read my book, but would listen to an audiobook of it.


For that application, a raw edit is probably sufficient. But, I'm looking for advice on taking this to a professional level, and possibly publishing to Amazon's Audiobook inlet, ACX


So, multiple questions, and shameless requests for advice:

1. As I'm reading the book, I'm running across discontinuity issues, plot holes, contradictions, and the like. Pacing issues. etc. What's your thoughts on, before creating a audiobook for publication, revising a novel? New ISBN and different cover but same title?


2. When creating an audiobook, I've seen feedback from readers that they'd rather just have the novel read to them, no voice actors. No music. Has anyone who has published an audiobook gone through the trouble to get voice actors, sound effects, mood music, etc.? What's the benefit, is it mostly a distraction?


3. To indicate INTERNAL VOICE (Thoughts, generally italicized in my novel), I'm considering adding a noticeable reverb/echo, to indicate it's thoughts. What are your 'thoughts' on this technique?


4. ACX has a significant list of pointers that make creating a quality recording for an audiobook difficult. Is it your experience, if you've published an audiobook, that a reasonable recording via a laptop and decent mic (no hiss) is sufficient?


5. I find that while recording, airlines take that time to fly over. With my mic levels set low, I still get a slight rumble while reading. I know of no way to record without getting background noise in. My bedroom is reasonably soundproofed from the rest of the house, but external noises can be a problem. Is there an inexpensive relatively soundproof place where such recordings can take place? Do you take advantage of them when recording your own books?


thanks in advance for any feedback, encouragement, criticism, or flames. :-)


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We've recorded more than a few audiobooks and I've learned this- get a professional reader.  No music, no sound effects.  Seriously.  Let the pros do their jobs.  Some will work with you on a revenue sharing basis or a hybrid of a smaller amount per hour offset by revenue sharing.  


Audio is the best and upcoming market for profit, Chris.  Go for it, but go professional and you'll never regret it.

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