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Donald James

Witnesses Today

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And so we wait
with great anticipation.
God from God,
Light from Light.
We wait to hear a crying child
in a stable,
a mother singing sweet melodies
to her infant.
We wait to see shepherds
before the glories in the sky
and wise men bow in homage.

And then we wait again,
to see the stone
rolled from the entrance of an empty tomb,
to hear Mary's wonderful news
brought to the apostles.
We long to feel the joy
spreading through the upper room
when their Lord,
and Friend stands before them,

Yet we
who are witnesses today,
need not wait.
The child,
given by the Father,
is here to be in your hearts
He has grown to become a man.
He died
for every blemish on every soul
and He longs to stand beside you
in every room and every place.

How fortunate are we!

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr

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Hi Donald ... Welcome to the Poetry Club! Thanks for joining!

There's a wonderful message in your poem. I really enjoyed reading it. It highlights so well the fact that Christ came to be our personal Saviour.  "Yet we who are witnesses today need not wait...." flows so well after a reflection on the yearly celebrations of Christmas and Easter, and points to the living Lord Who "is here to be in our hearts".


Thanks for sharing this inspiring poem!

God bless you,


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