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Five Things On Your Novel-writing Checklist

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From KM (Katie) Weiland;





Two weeks ago, I started off the checklist with the five most important “big” or foundational elements you need to make sure you’re including and acing in your writing. They were:

1. Structure

2. Character Arcs

3. Theme

4. Setting

5. Point of View

Without these beauties, you either (worst case) don’t have a story at all or (best case) don’t have a story that works.




Foreshadowing is often an afterthought in storytelling discussions. But it shouldn’t be. Foreshadowing is the frame for the entirety of your story. It will be present on almost every page—as either setup or payoff. Foreshadowing is what pulls your story together and makes it seem like a resonant and meaningful whole. Foreshadowing ensures the story’s ending is, in fact, present in its beginning.

Foreshadowing can be conveyed in any number of ways, including the most seemingly casual use of description or dialogue.



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