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Self-publishing, Blockchain For Books, Publica.io?

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I have heard about the blockchain in publishing before and I was kinda scared of it but after doing a bit of a research I changed my mind – the technology might help to create more open environment for writers. As I know there is a start-up called Publica.io and they want to develop usage of blockchain in industry. To be honest, now it sounds like they are going to build a new world but by knowing how technologies are moving forward, it would be awesome! And what’s good, they have a community forum, where they post useful info about blockchain and other topics connected with it:



I would like to hear your opinions :)

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I'm not sure I understand how their technology is supposed help. It doesn't seem that different from others. Also, how are they making money again? That usually tells a lot.

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Yuri Pimenov gave this reply on the website:

Publica's main idea is that Blockchain tokens can represent something more than a record in the public ledger. We use READ tokens not only to prove your ownership of a copy of an ebook but also to grant you the actual access to ebook contents. E.g. you want to support your favorite author? Buy his book before it is written (and while it's cheap)! Once it is written your wallet & e-reader app will allow you to access book contents (while you have it in your wallet, e.g. own that book). After that or before that you can trade your tokens on an exchange, because these are well known ERC20 tokens. We want to give you just the same experience you get with paper books, you can sell them after you read them, or you can give them away etc, when you actually OWN something (this is what Blockchain is built for, right?) is opposite to have a license.


A new form of currency. If the power generators hold out (don't talk to anyone in Florida) we'll be using electronic currency soon. I agree that caution is prudent here.

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