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Mopelola Adeniyi

Critiques Needed

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Hi everyone. I completed an apocalyptic christian fiction a while ago set in Africa. I will appreciate the piece to be critiqued and read by interested members.


The book, titled SOUL REAPERS is set in Nigeria. It is about Dan and Jeremiah who are the leaders of the two churches marked for destruction by the dark kingdom. The unseen wicked powers use sophisticated spiritual weapons and devices to monitor, ensnare, weaken, pollute and turn key members and leaders of these churches away from the faith. Their main goal is to make the saints unprepared for the return of the bride.


The enemy’s most deadly weapon is the saint’s ignorance of the battle going on around them. Many become captives by the voice of the enemy through the weapons of thought suggestions and mind control, while others fell through the caprices of their unbridled desires, wants and secret passions. Not even the saints are spared.


See how heaven moves at the cry of the seemingly weakest saint on earth and respond to petitions. See what goes on behind the scene when a believer drops on his knees to pray.


Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.

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Have you considered posting your first chapter in the Writing Critique Forum on this site? That is a great place to elicit comments and, if you find someone who is interested in your story, you may well also find a person who is willing to read through the whole work and critique it.


Best of luck with your writing.

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