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There is a silver lining


To the crisis we are in


It takes a perfect stranger


And it makes of them a friend



Lots of great destruction


May be coming fast our way


But how we choose to deal with it


Is in our power today



Crisis can produce a fruit


That’s sweetest to the taste


It breaks down many barriers


That are standing in the way



It puts us all into a boat


We share in all the land


When crisis hits a neighborhood


We lend a helping hand



Now we can let it take us down


Or rise up to the cause


It’s all on how you deal with it


Will you rise or fall



Trouble seems to peel away


All the false fronts there


It puts us in the human race


A chance to really care



So when the rain starts falling down


No matter what form it takes


Remember let the love come forth


And live for goodness sake



copyright Jean Chamblee 2011

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