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Brother Paul

You Have A Testimony Use It!

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Many people today love to know others business. So why not tell them how you come to know Jesus. I wasn't saved long before I was knocking on doors telling people how Jesus had changed my life, how I was changed from a mocker and a scoffer who became a lover of God through coming to know Jesus Christ. I have given this testimony to those I have worked with those who I have met on the streets. You have a testimony, you may not think it's much but God will use it to bring glory to Him, not you. Use it and people will want to know more. You don't need to know the bible chapter and verse, God will give you the words what to say trust Him He will never fail you. A testimony is very powerful and God will use it. Put it on a website or make a tract from it. I know it works because I have done it and I am still doing today. People are out in your community waiting to know your business, tell them about the time you met Jesus Christ. He changed your life and He can change others.

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