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Dr. Robert Coskrey

Tear Down The Walls- Poetry

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Amazing what keeps us separated.

Differences in opinions,

Different religious views,

Different colors of skin,


Excuses are a dime a dozen.

If not one thing then another.

Someone is not as we are.

Someone makes a mistake.


The value of life cheapens even more.

Twist a rule here; stretch a rule there,

When human life is no longer sacred,

Who among us care?


Differences are not supposed to separate

however, draw us together.

In our differences, we can challenge each other.

Challenge each other to be better people.


With our differences, we find our uniqueness.

Discovering our importance in life,

Realizing our potential to reach goals,

Finding our corner of the world,


If we can't accept one another as a person,

Looking beyond what we can see,

Seeing to people's hearts,

We miss valuable relationships.



Time for us to find a healing.

Realize we are all Children of God

Our greatness is a gift..

It begins by tearing down the walls

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