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Samson Damilola Adekola

Following Divine Direction

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Who leads you? Whose directive do you follow? Is it God’s or the devils? It is very important for us to know whose voice we listen to when making life decisions. It is imperative for us to know that God is the only one who can reveal the real path that He has destined for us to take in life : Psalm 16:11. It is not meant for a believer to direct his own path but rather God should. One wrong turn we make in life could deform our destiny and deviate us from Gods will for our lives. Remember the devil our adversary still continually walks about desperately seeking who he can devour 1pet 5:8 and so we must not make the mistake of ever following his leading because his path will most definitely lead to a dead end.


God has used several mediums to lead His people in the old testament, He used the a pillar of cloud and fire in exodus 13:18 to 22, He used His prophets 2chr 15:8 ,He led through dreams Ecc 5:3 to 7 and also He led through angels Judges 6:11 to 12. God leads us today in two major dimension. God leads through his own word, the bible says in Psalms 119:105 “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” God that will never direct us to do something that is clearly against his word,every step God wants us to take closely align with His ever potent word. God cannot tell you to engage in carnal things or ungodly relationships/associations because it clearly doesn’t align with His word. God can never tell you to marry an unbeliever or do any wrong thing for what you think is right. No that’s not God.


The second way that God leads today aside His word is through the Holyspirit. Romans 8:14 says “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” The holyspirit was sent to guide us into all truth john 16:13.It is that unmistaken, clear and powerful inner voice of our mind that tells us what and what not to do. As true believers who have been baptized with the holy ghost we should yield ourselves to the spirit to lead us on every decision we want to make.




1) Divine direction gives light in every decision making


2) Divine direction ensures cheap victory in all raging battles of life


3) Following His direction guarantees divine protection (psalms 23:1 to 6)


4) Following his direction gives us peace (Romans 14:7,psalms 23:2)


5) Following divine direction ensures we do not suffer shame or reproach


Finally, it is imperative for us to know that self direction results in confusion, frustration, disappointment and utter failure. Divine guidance is superior to any form of human intelligence and strength. Sense ruled direction is bound to lead to huge and often irredeemable errors of life. Lets check our lives and make a decision today to be divinely led and everything in our lives will run just the way God wants..Shalom.

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