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Jean Chamblee

Let The Love Flow - Poetry

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Oh how I think I can handle so much


When what I so need, is Your gentle touch


Seems like this life is over my head


And truly it is without what You’ve said



I need You every hour, my enemy fierce


Taking me down and bringing me tears


But You see it all and You have a plan


As I call out to You and reach for Your hand



There is a place so gentle and sweet


Where You come so near, I can feel Your heartbeat


You are my Maker, Lord above all


I belong to You and You catch my fall



No one can have that place inside me


It belongs to You, but the enemies coveting


They want to dethrone You as the King of my heart


Taking my mind away and from You tear apart



How foolish he is , the devil our foe


It’s You he contends with and covers our soul


When we step away and fail to stay close


The injuries come from the wounds and the blows



You catch every tear, oh Lover of our soul


And begin the work quickly to again make us whole


This life is a battle, a game for the throne


That place in our heart that You call Your own



Help us fall down at Your feet and stay there


Where we are protected and deeply Your care


Wanting to guide us and wisdom to give


Keeping us safe and helping us live



Preparing a place for us, oh yes You are


More beautiful than imagined, that outshines the stars


But oh we must walk with You every day


It’s our only survival, to do things Your way



Gently bend down Lord, in love scoop me up


Heal all the wounds and again fill my cup


Connected again, the enemy fails


Because I’m Your child and You paid with those nails



Oh let the love flow and the stress fall away


As I realize that You Lord are always here to stay


Never apart do we have to be


You paid the price for me to be free



I love You!



copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee

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Well written and heartfelt. The only suggestion I can think of is "repairing" a few rhymes (e.g. soul and foe).

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