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Great Offer! A Book Trailer As A Gift For A Book Review!

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With a book trailer authors can attract new readers to their books. By placing book trailers on social websites and forums you can successfully advertise your own book.


A new promotion starts today: A book trailer as a gift for a book review!

Only for christian writers.




1. Do a review for book.

2. We’ll create a book trailer for your book as a gift.


If you’re a YouTube blogger, then along with a book trailer we can make a YouTube intro or YouTube opener for your YouTube channel.


By doing a book review, you can express your own opinions regarding the plot and characters, and about what you liked.




Examples of our work:

Login to Heaven by Neil Ionov





Acquire your own “Login to Heaven” - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XR1VPC9


Expedition to the North



YouTube opener for Christian group




To create a book trailer we need the following information about your book:


Name of the Author:



Mood of the Book:

Desired color scheme for the video (not required):

Preferred music (not required):

Possible advertising slogans for the book:

Any additional information:


The more info you provide about your book, the easier it will be for us to work on a video!



You can either full out a book trailer application (in this topic), or send me an email to xrustaloff(at)yandex(dot)com or contact me in PM.

More info http://xpcross.com/


Best regards,


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Great one, Fedor! Do you do book trailers for non-fiction and poetry books?

Yes i can make it!

Also i can make Youtube intro or logo reveals.

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