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Never give up


Never say die


Though the enemy tries you


He is just full of lies



There is a future


Only God can make


A special place for you


You choose to partake



Take up a hope


That God does forgive


He’s promised us often


That’s the way we should live



Be kind to yourself


Give it a rest


Stop repeating your past


Get rid of your list



Washing can come


At the foot of the cross


As we lay those things down


And count them as loss



God is on our side


Dear one can’t you see


He’s for you not against you


He wants you to be free



Free from the oppression


The sadness, the lies


That take us down daily


Puts a veil over our eyes



God still loves you


It never has stopped


Not because what we’ve done


But because of the cross



We are His children


Can always return


His arms open wide


He just wants us to learn



Return to the Father


That so loves your soul


Let Him bring healing


And in time make you whole


copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee

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