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The book of Genesis 1, talks about the creation of the earth and at the end of the creation,on the seventh day God rested.


God is not human so when the Bible states 'God rested' what does it mean? Psalm 121:4 describes God as a divine insomnia; "He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep" therefore God did not rest after creation because He was tired.


After an all days work, when you have done your best, beloved in Christ rest in the Lord. Do not give into worry.We need to realize that worrying is useless! Wearing yourself out and will get nowhere. To rest in God means we give up worrying, reasoning, and anxiety and we enter into His rest with simple childlike faith—we live by grace through faith!


Abraham had no child in his youth and when God blessed him with Isaac in his old age, God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his only son but Abraham did not have a sleepless night over it. He did not get all worried and fretful, he rested in the Lord. This can be describe in his words; "God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son"(Genesis 22:8). You need to let the Lord know, He is all you have and if nothing happens, you have no other choice. Be assured the Lord will move for your sake because it is not in His nature to fail.


Ephesians 2:8-9 teaches us, we are saved by grace through faith. Through a personal relationship with Jesus, we access God’s grace so we can do what He’s calling us to do. But we must understand that a relationship with God should not always be on petition basis. He is our friend and father. Prayer should not be all about a list pray requests and petitions. It cost God nothing to bless you because all things answer to Him but He wants to have a loving relationship with you.


Paul and Silas where arrested, locked in chains but yet they praised God in that situation (Acts 16:16-40). They did not get sad and ask God why such misfortune befell them. They had no time for that because of their confidence in God.They rested in God because they knew God is always in control. The Bible states while they were praising God, the prison gates open. Living by faith is not a struggle—it’s rest.


It does not matter what the enemy throws at us. What matters is this - our hearts in tune with our Creator and King. We and God are a team, He will never abandon us.



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