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Mary Magdalene was a lady who Jesus saved from demonic oppression(Mark 16:9). Her encounter with Christ led to a great friendship between them. She became a dedicated follower of Christ Jesus.


In Mat. 28: 1-8 when the disciples deserted Jesus at the cross, Mary Magdalene was there, she is most prominent in the narrative of the crucifixion of Jesus, at which she was present.


It can be assumed that from a distance, during the crucifixion, anytime Jesus Christ lifted His head, the eyes of his friend (Mary Magdalene) will comfort Him. Though she spoke no words but the presence of a faithful friend probably whispering in silence "they may not believe you but I do" worth a lot.


Furthermore, anywhere His body was laid she went. Mary Magdalene followed Joseph of Arimathea when he took Jesus's body to be buried in a tomb. And though some Pharisees and judges had deployed security guards to the tomb to ensure the Lord's disciples do not come and take His body yet Mary Magdalene was not afraid to go to the tomb to watch over her friend, awaiting his resurrection. She was present two days after the death of Jesus which according to all four canonical gospels, she was, either alone or as a member of a group of women.


John 20: 16 and Mark 16: 9 specifically name her as the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection. Both gospel verses states that Jesus' first post-resurrection appearance was to Mary Magdalene, with no mention of others. In Mat 28:9, Mary Magdalene was among the first persons who Jesus appeared to while the women where returning to an empty tomb.


Among the ladies in the Bible, the name Mary Magdalene was called 12 times. There is so much emphasizes on her because she was committed to serve THE LORD in truth and in spirit. She was the first to see His glory because of her dedication and devotion to Him. She loved him in life and in death.


The story of Mary Magdalene is told to encourage Christians to be committed to service. Jehovah gives glory to those who are committed to Him. In actual fact, in many cases committed Christians are the first partakers of His glory and goodness. God is not a user, He is a rewarder. Choose faithfulness above been famous and the Lord who sees in secret will reward you.



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