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Jorge Acevedo

Music Surprise That Will Make You Dance

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There are surprises you like (birthday gifts, flowers, fun snapchats) and others you don't.


Every day early in the morning, when I drive back from taking my darling wife to work, I see a woman and her 2 little boys walking to school. She usually has little white headphones in her ears as she walks with her tots.


Last Monday, as usual, I saw them take their long walk obviously unaware that school was closed for the week! Had she forgotten it was the first day of spring break? What plans did she have for that day that were going to have to be cancelled? What was her reaction when she saw the sign (above pic)? I almost turned around just so I could see the priceless expression on their faces. The kids were probably screaming with joy while she scrambled in fear about what to do with them for the day and for the week... just guessing.


The Bible emphatically says that Jesus is coming soon. Will you be pleasantly surprised at His arrival or shocked and troubled by it all?


Many years ago Dad was driving when Mom looked up and saw what seemed like thousands of little clouds in the sky. Excited and nervous she screamed, "JESUS IS COMING" and hid under the dashboard.


A friend of mine called me last week and told me that after the US dropped MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) over a section of Afghanistan he had some friends wanting to talk about the end of the world. "But I told them," he said, "I'm cool with whatever happens, Jack (by the way, Jack is not the name of one of his friends but the way my buddy talks), because I know God has it all under control." Great attitude to have!


The world is a volatile place for sure but knowing Jesus makes all things better! Knowing that the Lord is coming back soon also helps us get a grip and be at ease with world's affairs.


The apostle Paul wrote this to encourage his spiritual family,


"One blast from the trumpet of God and the Lord himself will come down from Heaven" (1 Thessalonians 4:16b, PHILLIPS)


It's going to be sudden!


For some the trumpet blast is going to be music to their ears and their hearts will dance for joy, but for many others that loud trumpet is going to be nothing but a nuissance. But everyone's ear is going to hear the trumpet call of God for sure.


I was recently jammin' at home on my a steel drum. The pan sounds magnificent, it's got the true pitch of the islands.




While I was playing Amazing Grace our dachshund Baily was doing her usual thing...chillin'... ahh, the life of a dog...




when all of a sudden she got up, sat next to me and started howling as loud as she could. It was hilarious! She had never done that before but her ears had perked up and she provided an accompaniment to my tune.


When Jesus returns and your ears perk up will we be saying "Amen" or "Oh, me?".


You may be saying, "As Middle East turmoil gets hotter I wish I knew more end time theology." That's cool, but the important thing to know is this, Jesus is coming back and when He does, BOOM, His followers will be snatched from this earth to meet Him in mid-air and go up to heaven with Him. That may sound like Sci-Fi to some but it's Truth from the Bible. It's going to happen!!


The Lord's return will mark a new chapter: the beginning of life up in heaven for many and the beginning of the end of life down here for many others. It will catch us by surprise. It will be unexpected. But we must all each be ready for Him. Are you?


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