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Seeking an Orthodox speculation partner

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Hi all,

I found this place as a result of having a very particular need. First, let me explain my story.



In a Tweet: A dystopia formed out of ideological self-segregation. In this world, a priest, seeking a way, finding the Antichrist.

With Slightly More Explanation: America, 2030. On paper, the States remain United. In reality, however, society is divided by ideology, with groups forming factions that live and work in ideological isolation. Imagine being a Republican and never meeting a Democrat! Factions have blacklists of "un-mutual" organizations and businesses, and corresponding whitelists for sympathetic groups. Imagine being a Republican and never going to CostCo because their CEO donated to Democratic politicians. That's the kind of isolation this world has created. And not all of the factions are content to be cut-off from the others...

Our protagonist is Edwin Morley, a Latin Catholic Deacon. He cut off contact with his family before entering seminary, but now wishes to reconnect. However, in the process, he finds much more than he bargained for, including...well, that would be telling.


So where this need for an Orthodox partner comes in, specifically: A silver lining to this black cloud world is that the Catholic Churches and some of the Orthodox Churches have returned to mutual communion. I leave it to the reader's interpretation who returned to whom.


What I need help with is an Orthodox point of view on my speculative "Reunited Church" and its organization. I'm trying to make it feel both Catholic and Orthodox, with some ideas I can share with someone interested.


So, I guess what I'm mostly looking for is someone with whom I can bounce ideas to get a better picture of this Church. Would strongly prefer non-Russian Orthodox, as due to political tensions that continue into the real world I'm not sure if the ROC would join (nothing against the ROC, Russia is certainly not a villain in the story as I've planned it).



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AnubisMarlowe, I hope you'll hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. :)

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I'm not the person to offer an Orthodox point of view, but I will say I did what you said to do, imagined what you said to imagine. And I'm not going to say anything about it here because I try to behave myself and I'm not sure all people who might read this share my sense of humor. :D

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