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Nicholas Reicher

Surely He thought you worth it

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When you're at your lowest, reflect on this...

Jesus Christ didn't even PAUSE to walk to Jerusalem to suffer torture and death for you.

On the way to being crowned King Messiah, he stopped and made sure Zacchaeus was saved.

He willingly endured beating and humiliation, and suffered the most agonizing death on earth foryou.

He didn't hesitate.

Surely He thought you worth it. As we nailed him to the cross, he prayed for our forgiveness.

To say to the thief on the cross, "you will be with me this day in Paradise..." required Him to STAND on the nail through His feet. The nails through His wrists twisted, and the crown on His head ripped at His scalp. The wounds on His back dragged across the cross as He stood, so He could exhale and speak.

And He knew that the Thief needed to hear it more than anything. So He did it.

If He did that for Zacchaeus, for the Thief... He did it for you too.

You may not think you're worth it.

But Jesus Christ does.

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Thank you, Nicholas. (Another element of the story: People who annoy us, people who cut us deep, people we feel like judging--Jesus did it for them, too. And sometimes we're the ones who annoy, cut, and might be judged by others because of our sins.)

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