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Marshalee Patterson

Looking For Beta Readers For My Christian Romance

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I am an aspiring writer just finishing up my third novel called, A Shattered Life Restored. It is an inspirational christian romance. A synopsis is at the bottom of this post.

In exchange, I would be willing to read your manuscript and also feature your book on my blog to my readers. I am unable to pay you, but i hope my offer is sufficient sorry.



Sitting at the Saint-Roch Train Station with tears in her eyes, Meg contemplated where her life had gone wrong. She was at a point in her life where she felt abandoned by God after the last remaining person who truly loved her, died.


Now with a baby on the way, she had begun to lose hope that the future, she knew the Lord had promised her was never meant for her.


With a gentle tap on her shoulder, her gaze turned to meet that of Derek’s, the kind stranger whose smile brought warmness into her heart. “Was he sent to fulfill God’s promise in my life?” she thought.


With assured faith, she followed him as he led her away, trusting that God had not forsaken her. Now she felt content to allow God to have his way in her life and totally surrender all to him.

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Hi Marshalee!

I know you posted this awhile ago but I was wondering if you still needed a beta reader for your book? I have done a few beta reads and enjoy it. And your book sounds really good!


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