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Debut fantasy novel on sale now

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If you like to read Christian fantasy, my debut novel "Wielder of the Gauntlets" is now available on amazon for only .99 cents. The first book in the Armor of the Fallen series, see why it has received 3 five star reviews from readers favorites as well as several more 5 star reviews on amazon.


An ancient power calls. A modern warrior rises. An age old battle will be fought for the final time.


Join Tim as he discovers that he has been called by God to be a Wielder, a person with near superhuman abilities who is able to wield armor and weapons of fallen angles who were cast out of heaven with lucifer. Armor that has indescribable power. With Leigon Enterprise about to take over the world. It will be up to Tim and his companions to stop them. That is if he is able to master the Gauntlets power, as well as his own, in time.


Get it now for 99 cents or read for free through kindle unlimited.



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