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Donald James

Jerusalem Dust (Palm Sunday)

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Lay your palms

on the Jerusalem dust,

at the feet of the animal carrying Him.

Celebrate this moment.

Sing out His name in praises.


the son of David has come.



He is the king of your hearts.

He rides a donkey

as scripture foretold.

He has healed the blind

and the lepers.

He has opened the tomb

of the dead Lazarus.



doubt will take root

and knowledge

will inflict blindness on the sighted.

You will reject the longing in your hearts.


But for now

you celebrate

and dance in the street,


not yet abused

by the minds of men.




copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr


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A fine capture of the crowd that cheered their long awaited King as promised, at the moment of the peak of their adulation, before a single thought of condemnation materialized. Well done, and I really enjoy the way you portray Scripture.

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