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William D'Andrea

What Content Is Or Isn't Acceptable On This Website?

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I have a question about what content is or isn't acceptable here on this Christian writer's website.

I have written a short story concerning a sexually active high school girl, living in a Politically Correct, Inclusive and Permissive Community. She joins three of her classmates who’ve become Born Again Christians, and becomes one herself. They quote scripture in class and bring Bibles to school.This puts them in serious trouble with the local Powers That Be.

This also puts them in conflict with their “Inclusive, Enlightened and Permissive” parents and classmates; members of their school’s faculty and administration; along with the arrogant, heretical Pastor of their local apostate Church.

I originally wrote the story back in 2013, as political satire, which back then seemed too extreme. However, with the way things are now, the story may be no exaggeration.

The work contains sex, but not too vivid, and some bad language. My question is, just how far would the writing go before it's considered unacceptable for this website?

I'm wondering about using euphemisms. Supposing I write F----, or Sh--. Would that be acceptable? There's a scene in which someone spells out the word. Would it be acceptable for the dialogue to say "F-you-know-what-i-n-g"?

I want to be sure about these things, before I begin the posting.

Thank you.

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Hi William,


I'm not a person who decides what's acceptable here, but you might want to send Lynn a private message to ask her. I'm just writing to say you were smart to ask before posting, and to thank you for doing so, my brother. :) As you've shown you clearly know, some stories and books (and parts of books) are appropriate for some readers and not appropriate for others. Like the parts of the Bible that involve sex and violence. When my children were young, I didn't read them those parts. The story you describe reminds me of many people from the Bible--people we admire and look to as examples--who made bad decisions then turned from them to follow God's ways. And oftentimes following God led to their having problems with other people.



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Thank you:

I've been thinking this over, and obviously have very strong reservations about posting the story here on this website. I have always felt uncomfortable about it. I can make revisions in the wording, but I'm still not sure.

I do have other works which I can post here, and easily change some wording which might be offensive.

I think the best thing for me to do is wait and think things over. I'm in no hurry. I'm already posting two chapters of a novel of mine, every day that I have access to the internet, and that's taking up enough of my time here on this website. I probably won't finishing posting it until the middle of next month. Then I'll see if I want to post anything else.

Thank you again

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