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I was looking around for a random generator and found something even better - a list of random generators useful to writers.


Check it out!


The list includes all sorts of great stuff. I'm sure some of it would be useful for breaking through writer's block and generating ideas. Enjoy! :)




Randomly-Chosen Random Generator

Let random chance take you to your destination!


Fandom-Relevant Generator Index

Browse a list of popular fandoms to find generators relevant to your interests, be they Doctor Who, The Avengers, Sherlock, Dungeons & Dragons, or many, many more.


Worldbuilding-Relevant Generator Index

Browse a list of random generators useful for building worlds and cultures.


Name Generators

Names for characters, objects, places, and more.


Human & Humanoid Character Generators

Profiles and descriptions for humans and things mostly resembling humans.


Animal & Non-Humanoid Character Generators

Profiles and descriptions for non-humanoid characters - eg, pets, familiars, sci-fi or mythical animals, etc.


Character Detail Generators

Bits and bobs like abilities and personal details to build up your character's persona and backstory with.


Backstory & Origin Generators

History bits for your characters.


Genre, Plot, & Story Prompt Generators

Generate plots for for your stories or roleplays!


Item & Artifact Generators

Generate personal belongings, items to find in shops, general MacGuffins, and the like.


Outfit, Costume, Clothing, & Wardrobe Generators

Clothing and fashion for your characters.


Location & Setting Generators

Places for your story to happen in.


Other Generators

Generators that don't warrant their own category yet.


Random Generator Requests Already Covered By Other Generators

Every now and then, I get someone looking for something that's really not doable because it's either too broad or too narrow, so I've created this page to help people find something that should suit their purposes.


Quick Character & OC Creation Kit

Links to pages that are fairly universally useful for creating OCs.

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