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What's That Smell?

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    On the way back from the SOZO session at Bethelvalpo, we stopped for a bite. She wanted McDonalds. I haven’t seen the inside of a Mickey D’s in about five years. I opted for the three A’s: Arizona, almonds and Altoids from Walgreens. LOL

    As we headed back to the ranch, I caught the scent of something that smelled like – trash. Was it something outside coming through the vent? Or, inside the car?

    “What’s wrong?” she asked.

    “Don’t you smell something?”

    “Uh, uh,” she chomped down on her double cheese burger.

    I sniffed in her direction. Wow. There it was. “Doesn’t *that* (indicating the burger she was scarfing down) smell funny to you?” She smiled a chipmunk smile – her cheeks were full – and continued to chew.

    Oh, no, I thought. The body snatchers got her! They’ve abducted her sense of smell and taste. She thinks it’s *real* food. She’ll forget what real food tastes like! She needs to be rescued. Deprogrammed. Once we get her on a diet of pure food, if she ever encounters this again, the smell and taste will actually offend her senses and she will RUN to the real thing. That was my hope…

    You know me. My wheels began turning… As Christ followers find themselves being transformed by the Word and Spirit of God, the old stuff (offensive to God and death to us) falls away.

    The new life becomes the norm. Life is good, healthy, fresh daily, invigorating, adventurous… and when we encounter what we’ve been delivered from, there is a heightened awareness that wasn’t there before, of the stench we carried but had become oblivious to.

    Sometimes, God allows us to revisit those "road-kill" places and people as a reminder of how GOOD we have it now. And as a incentive to move on and keep moving.
    See ya.
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