Singing Saints

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    I can understand faith in any tongue,
    because I can feel mercy when it is sung,
    gratefully from the heart that is talking to God,
    using a melody to string, together, love.

    We shall not shirk the mandate to praise.
    Moses struck a rock--God will wait for our gaze
    on Him to suddenly, by impromptu, embrace
    Him with our voices which sing of His grace.

    Hallelujah! Halelujah!
    The rocks have yet to sing out.
    We won't let them,
    we sing strong hymns,
    words gush, gathering holy momentum
    to the One Mediator, Jesus!

    O Nations, hear your subjects who turn
    to their Abba in Messiah's Face.
    Chambers have yet to enact laws which unloose the claws
    and free from sin and disgrace.

    Even if they vote, these have a devotion
    for the Sovereign Whose hand guides the stars,
    and will one day return, so govern and learn.
    You are stewards, there's a Glory coming in the interim.

    Glory higher than tribes,
    more than regions and climes
    greater than hemispheres, galaxies.
    Who can stop praises now,
    when convinced people bow,
    sing a song of God's tender mercies?
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