Poseer Es Ser ~ To Possess Means I Am

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    Poseer es ser, por eso retengo a Ti
    en mi alma, mi mente.
    Creo, siento así.
    Eres mi escape hacia lo recto;
    El Eterno Tu eres,
    yo en Ti nacido.
    Perla de Gran Precio,
    presentado a mi,
    Posesión guardado
    con esperanza sin fin.
    rough translation from Spanish--some words changed to allow cadence/rhyme.

    To possess means I am, that's why I take hold
    of You in my mind, of You in my soul.
    You are my escape
    to that which is gain;
    One God, the Eternal,
    in You born again.
    Pearl of Great Price,
    presented to me,
    Possession I treasure,
    my hope's eternity.

    (not to mention that God's gift of language means I cannot even say "I am" without those very words affirming that I am made in the image of I Am)