More Christian Life In The Lord Of The Rings

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    THE BLACK riders, the servants of the dark lord, are closing in on Merry, Pippin and Frodo and their companion Strider. Fortunately they are close to the Elvin Kingdom of Rivendell and one of the Elf Lords has ridden out to help them. He is one of the few who can confront the nine black riders and drive them back. He tells the little band that he came across two of the riders on a bridge a few days back and when they fled from him he pursued them. Later he met two more and they turned away as soon as they saw him.

    Later when they are safe Frodo asks Gandalf about Glorfindel, the Elf Lord. Gandalf’s answer is one of my favourite portions of the book and confirms that Tolkien wrote from a deep understanding of true Christianity.

    ‘And here in Rivendell there live still some of the dark lords chief foes; the Elven Wise, Lords of the Eldar from beyond the furthest seas. They do not fear the black riders, for those who have dwelt in the blessed realm, live at once in both worlds, and against both the seen and the unseen they have great power. Frodo says, ’I thought that I saw a white figure that shone and did not grow dim like the others, was that Glorfindel then’? Gandalf replies, ‘yes, you saw him for a moment as he is upon the other side; one of the mighty of the First Born. he is an Elf Lord of a house of Princes’.

    What a marvellous description of a Christian. We are evils chief foes and we do not fear them. Our Bible tells us to submit ourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us. Jesus said, 'In my name you will cast out devils'.

    We live in the Blessed realm, the Presence of God. We live at once in both worlds, the spiritual and the physical. We are, 'seated in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus' even as we walk on the earth

    Against the seen and the unseen we have great power. Ephesians tells us, 'that you may know...what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe'. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

    By faith we can see ourselves as we are upon the other side. Romans 8v30 tells us Jesus has Glorified us, and in another place Paul talks about the Glory that will be revealed in us.
    Whether we feel like it or not, the truth is that we are the mighty of the First Born; the Lord Jesus Christ. We are of a House of Princes, Kings and Priests unto our God. (Rev 1:5,6)
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