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    Faith Filled Family Magazine is a monthly, digital, Christian interactive publication. We are a very technologically advanced as we incorporate both the traditional aspects of magazine publishing with digital elements such as the ability to embed audio, video, links, html, etc into our publication making us one of the most unique magazines out there.

    If you desire to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Christians per month, this magazine is for you! Our topics range from the common concerns to the controversial discussed with sensitivity and the love of Christ.

    We have a global readership of 155,000 readers each month and growing!


    Features Publisher

    Our Features Publisher is in charge of ensuring that all of the monthly feature topics are assigned to writers (our writers select which topics they are interested in via email blast), and that assignments are received in a timely fashion.
    You would be in charge of maintaining the list of articles and who they have been assigned to in our CRM, and for uploading the articles into the CRM for editing.
    Additionally, you would also be in charge of helping our Executive Publisher grow out your area in terms of writers ensuring that we always have enough on staff.

    Our ideal candidate would be someone who has an average level of technical knowledge, who handles deadlines with ease, who is self-motivated, has impeccable leadership characteristics, organized, and efficient. You should also have excellent written communication, and be able to help writers when needed.

    Business & Leadership Publisher
    Our Business & Leadership Publisher is responsible for assigning interviews to an established writer database as necessary, and to collect weekly articles from our writers.
    You will be working directly with our Content Editor to ensure that everything is properly edited, submitted on time, and posted on the website. Currently, one article in this category is posted per week as we continue to grow out this area.

    Since you will be largely dealing with CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, etc of corporations, a professional business attitude is essential. Our ideal candidate has extensive experience writing business emails and documents, and can conduct themselves in a professional manner.
    We are looking for someone who is highly organized, detail oriented, efficient, and who works well with others.

    Reviews Assistant
    This is a new position within our company. Our Reviews Assistant will assist our Reviews Publisher in the performance of her duties. Responsibilities may include assigning reviews (television, movie, music, books) to our writers, and ensuring that they are submitted before the launch date. All reviews should follow our format, and once completed should be submitted to our Content Editor.
    Additionally, you may assist our Reviews Publisher in growing out this area in terms of writers, and any other duties that she may assign to you.

    Our ideal candidate works well in a team atmosphere, is organized and efficient, and has excellent communication skills. You are able to meet tight deadlines, and work well under pressure. You are also able to maintain confidentiality and follow protocol as many of our reviews are with well-known artists, movie producers, and authors.

    Please note, that we are not currently offering monetary compensation as of yet for these positions (although we hope to in the future!). We currently offer compensation in the form of 2 full page ads or the equivalent per year.

    All interested candidates please submit your CV along with a letter of introduction to our Executive Publisher, Michelle Danko, at

    We thank all candidates who apply, however only those who qualify will be contacted.

    We look forward to YOU being part of our Faith Filled "Family"!
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    Hi Michelle,
    I emailed you regarding writing for the Business and Leadership section of the magazine, and see that you have a need for a Business and Leadership Publisher as well. Please respond to my email at your earliest convenience as I have a few questions about the requirements. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.