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Discussion in 'Project Connections' started by Kimberly Grey, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I am an aspiring writer about to begin the second draft of my first book, it is a fantasy novel about Guardian angels. A synopsis is at the bottom of this post.
    In exchange, I would be willing to read your manuscript.
    I am not willing to pay you, sorry.

    For a thousand years, war has raged across Caelam. White-Wing against Black-Wing. Grace is the Saboteur, daughter of the White-Wing special Operations Commander, destined to end the war once and for all. But all of that is snatched away when she is captured by the Black-Wings. Trapped in the secret city, Grace finds herself questioning everything she's ever been told. About her enemies, and about herself.
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    Kimberly, I moved your thread here where it's a better fit. I hope you'll hop back over to Meet and Greet and tell us a little bit about yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you. :)