How Do You Drive People To Your Author Page On Facebook?

Discussion in 'Writing & Publishing Discussion' started by JR Thompson, Apr 15, 2017.

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    I recently created an author page and I'm trying to figure out the best way to generate a buzz about it. If anyone wants to look at my page and offer suggestions, feel free. It's at
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    How would you go about making a friend? It's about making connections to develop relationships. So when friends know you or see your name, they get interested. Posting things other than about your book/s is highly important. If you post only and often about your writings, you will scare people off.

    One other thing that is important is joining Christian writing groups on FB. One of our long-time members (who still drops by on occasion, Jacksgirl) started Christian Indie Authors (CIA). She is Samantha Fury there. There is another Christian Indie Authors that is good as well. Neither of these will allow you to post about your book, though. However, there are a couple of off-shoot groups from them where you can post about your books. There are also numerous other Christian writers' groups. Be sure to read the description of the group to know whether or not they allow book postings.
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