He Thought You Were Worth It

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    Slowly, with purpose
    He walked through the streets
    Each step He was taking
    Your life He could see

    Breathing in pain
    Sores on His back
    He suffered the shame
    But His heart was intact

    He knew that His mission
    It must be fulfilled
    There was no other way
    Except Calvary’s hill

    Looking at faces
    His mind must have swirled
    He kept the joy before Him
    Of saving the world

    Strong and determined
    As His life blood poured out
    He knew it was worth it
    He ignored hell’s loud shout

    As He hung on the cross
    He gave out a cry
    As He paid for our sins
    Tears streamed from His eyes

    Love kept Him there
    We’ll never know
    How bad was His suffering
    The three days He was gone

    Paying our penalty
    As He hung on the cross
    He knew what it took
    To redeem all the lost

    So now it’s our choice
    To believe and receive
    The beautiful gift
    For which He did bleed

    copyright 2013 Jean Chamblee
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    Yes, amen! Such a sacrifice that is too difficult to imagine. Lovely. :)
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    Jean that is a very moving poem! Your writing truly touches the heart. If you've written a story published or unpublished I encourage you to send us your manuscript at www.firebaaptizedpublishing.com. We would love to help powerful writing like this get into the hands of many people.