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    The messenger of Christ to fetch us home to Himself!

    (William Nicholson, 1862)

    "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain!" Philippians 1:21

    For the Christian, death is but the messenger of Christ to fetch us home to Himself!

    Death is the portal to endless bliss!

    To the Christian, death is . . .
    a release from all sin,
    a release from all afflictions,
    a release from bodily pain,
    a release from conflict with spiritual foes!

    At death sin dies, and sorrow expires!

    Sin is the mother — and sorrow is the daughter.
    The mother and daughter die on one bed, and are buried in one grave!

    Death is gain, a great and inconceivable gain — the gain of eternal bliss, enjoyment, pleasure, and honor!

    "My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better!" Philippians 1:23

    To the wicked, death is only the beginning of their sorrows!

    The Lord's gentle usher

    (Thomas Brooks, "A Heavenly Cordial" 1665)

    Our life in this world is made up . . .
    of troubles and trials,
    of calamities and miseries,
    of crosses and losses,
    of reproaches and disgraces.

    Death frees the Christian from all these things.
    It wipes away all tears from his eyes, it turns . . .
    his miseries into mercies,
    his crosses into crowns, and
    his earthly hell into a glorious heaven!

    When a godly man dies梙e shall never more
    be haunted, tempted and buffeted by Satan!

    "Death," says one, "which was before the devil's
    sergeant to drag us to hell; has now become the
    Lord's gentle usher
    to conduct us to heaven!"

    For a saint to die, is for a saint to be eternally happy.
    Death is but the entrance into glorious life. That is not
    death but life梬hich joins the dying man to Christ!
    Death will blow the bud of grace into the flower of

    Death is not the death of the man梑ut the death of
    his sin. When a believer dies梙is sin dies with him.
    As death came in by sin梥o sin goes out by death.
    Death kills sin梬hich bred it.

    The Persians had a certain day in the year wherein
    they killed all serpents and venomous creatures. Such
    a day as that, will the day of death be to every believer.
    All his serpentine and venomous sins will be forever
    destroyed! Then he shall never again . . .
    be proud,
    nor passionate,
    nor unbelieving,
    nor worldly,
    nor neglectful of duty,
    nor grieve the Holy Spirit,
    nor wound his conscience,
    nor break peace with God!

    When death takes away a godly man, it takes him away
    from his sins! And as death rids the believer of all his
    梥o it will rid him of all his sorrows. Death cures all
    diseases, the aching head and the unbelieving heart.

    Death does for a godly person, that which all ordinances
    could never do, and which all their duties could never do,
    and which all their graces could never do. It immediately
    frees them from . . .
    all their sins,
    all their sorrows,
    all their tears,
    all their temptations,
    all their oppressions,
    all their oppositions,
    all their vexations!

    Death to the Christian

    (Lewis Bayly, "The Practice of Piety" 1611)

    Death to the Christian is nothing else but to
    rest from his labor in this world--to go home to
    his Father's house!

    Oh, what joy will it be to your soul, which was
    accustomed to see nothing but misery and sinners
    on earth--now to behold the face of the God of
    glory! Yes, to see Christ welcoming you, as soon
    as you are presented before Him by the holy
    angels, with a "Well done! Welcome good and
    faithful servant! Enter into your Master's joy!"

    And what joy will this be--to behold all the souls
    of your friends, parents, husbands, wives, children,
    and the rest of God's saints, who departed before
    you in the true faith of Christ--standing before
    God's throne in bliss and glory!

    O what thanks and praise will you have, that,
    by God's grace, you have escaped . . .
    all the miseries of the world,
    all the snares of the devil,
    all the pains of hell,
    and received eternal rest and happiness!