Daniel Chapter 7: A New Perspective

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    Daniel Chapter 7: A New Perspective

    Within conservative biblical scholarship circles, there is a core consensus on the interpretation of Daniel’s Chapter 7. What has be written by various authors can be easily summarized into two paragraphs as follows:

    First, the churning great sea is the Mediterranean Sea as all the major classical world empires arose or operated in the rim regions of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Second, the four beasts arising from the great sea are interpreted as representatives of successive world empires; namely,

    Lion -- Neo-Babylonian Empire,

    Bear -- Medo-Persian Empire,

    Leopard -- Greek empire, and

    Fourth beast -- the Roman Empire.

    [2] Dreams and visions are given in cryptic form, needing proper interpretation. For example see, the Joseph related dreams found in Genesis chapters 3740 and 41, and the vision of Peter (Acts. 10: 9-16). See the following passages for a sample for a general understanding of the purpose of God in using symbolism to convey His prophetic message: - Num. 12: 6-8; Ps. 78: 2; Pr. 1: 5-6, 25:2; Is. 29: 9-12; Hos. 12:11; Matt. 13: 10-12; 34-35.
  2. Wong
    Wow...what you've written is profound...are you a bible scholar or a seminary student? Just wondering...
  3. Wade M. Nye
    Wade M. Nye

    Good synopsis so far, but now for the controversial part who do you say is the identity of the little horn.
  4. Teddy
    There are two aspects to it for me -- Daniel Chapter 7 (and Chapter 11) political aspect and Daniel Chapter 8 mystical aspect.

    In terms of Daniel Chapter 7 -- as my synopsis shows -- the fourth ghastly beast, like the other three beasts, is also a political force.

    The four beasts are contemporary political forces and the fourth beast will emerge victorious.

    The little horn is a leader who arises out of this fourth force through political struggle and maneuvering.

    In my Daniel Chapter 8 exposition I have detailed the biblical hallmarks of the Antichrist in modern political terms.
  5. Wade M. Nye
    Wade M. Nye
    Daniel 7:22 until the Ancient One—the Most High—came and judged in favor of his holy people. Then the time arrived for the holy people to take over the kingdom.

    It seems that the Little Horn was persecuting (or will persecute) God's people and God judged the Little Horn and gave the kingdom to His people. Is this the return of Christ? the Millennial Rule? or something else? Have you studied Daniel 2 also?
    1. Teddy
      Your last questions is what I have written about in my article called "Remnant Theology."
  6. Teddy
    Yes, I have also written on Daniel Chapter 2. In that interpretation I show the mystery of the clay-iron mixture feet, an aspect which is not clearly shown in Daniel Chapter 7.

    Taking Daniel Chapters 2, 7 thru 12, in my three sets of interpretations (Ch. 2, 7 and 8) I show the complexity of the Antichrist idea. My line of interpretation mainly depends on decoding biblical symbols and mapping them to modern day political realities.
  7. Wade M. Nye
    Wade M. Nye
    I see something new in Daniel 2 and 7.
    1. Mountain that rock was carved from= Heavenly Kingdom of Christ that we are all part of when we become Christians and join the body of Christ.
    2. Hands that were not human=Christ, Possibly the Father
    3. Entire Idol (Statue)=The Monarchial System (system of one man ruling)
    4. Feet & Toes of Clay & Iron=European Monarchies that came after Roman Rule
    5. Rock that Struck the Idol=Pilgrims coming to the New World and establishing the first democratic community.

    I believe that our Pilgrim forefathers had a sense of this, but possibly did not think it was proper to declare it openly and possibly did not thought it was too great of an accomplishment for such a little group of people.As they aged and saw the English Civil War and the Execution of the King and England become a commonwealth they realized that the Lord had done a great thing. They commisioned and erected a uncarved stone to help the Body of Christ know for all time what times we are in (an Eschatological marker ala. old testament style boundary marker). The Rock Bears the name today "Plymouth Rock".
  8. Teddy
    In my Daniel Chapter 2 interpretation I have made the the feet and toes of clay and iron to apply to the last form of human government which Christ's kingdom (symbolized by the Rock) destroys. Then begins the reign of Christ subduing the rules of this world to the kingdom of God.
    In order to see the validity of my interpretation of Daniel Chapter 7 (which I think is key to understanding the other parts of Daniel's end-time visions), some events have first to be completed as I said they would. The only remaining part (according to my line of interpretation) is for the Rock to dislodge and strike the human-government symbol statue at its feet. My focus is on one locality because I believe Daniel Chapter 7 is heavily local politics.