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Crystal Blue Persuasion

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    My godmother, who lived in Gary at the time, had a word for me – “God says get your driver’s license. He’s going to give you a car.”

    “But I don’t wanna drive. I’m okay with public transportation,” I protested. Honestly, I didn’t want to drive. Walking was okay, the buses were okay, the subway was good. At twenty-eight years old, I’d been traveling without a car – I was all good.

    She sighed. “God’s got things for you to do and places to go and very soon, you *will* need a car. Uh-huh, uh-huh – get your license, honey.” Shoot. I told her okay, but really, I had no intention of following through.

    And then it happened that winter. Forty below temperatures. I’d gone to Tuesday night service at church – on the bus. No problem. Buses were running well. Service was over around 9pm. Walked to the bus stop – there was the bus, no waiting. Got off later for my connecting bus and waited. There was a gentleman also waiting.

    Strange, this was right at the end of the line where buses turned to get back on route. There were usually at least three to five buses lined up. At night, at least two. Always. We were puzzled. And it was forty below zero. The cold was seeping through my coat. And gloves. And hat. And stuff. And we waited. And waited.

    A taxi pulled up, the gentleman flagged it and got into the taxi. As he closed the door, I heard him give his destination to the driver. Which just happened to be exactly one block from where I lived. And the taxi sped away. Dang! I was entering into the popcicle zone. *Where* was the bus?! I started doing whatever was necessary to keep warm - beat my arms, dance, warm my hands by breathing into them…

    “Lord,” I prayed, “please send the bus…please… I can’t feel my feet anymore. Please,” I wanted to cry, but couldn’t risk frozen tears. And then it happened. God spoke to me:

    “Do you remember I told you to get your license?” Uh-oh. I shut my eyes tight and replied:

    “Okay, Okay. I promise I will get my driver’s license if You will just *please* send the bus…”

    I opened my eyes. There the bus stood in front of me, doors open, warm air from inside invading the winter cold outside. I stepped up carefully – I could barely feel my feet. It would be a couple of days before i could. I had stupidly worn flats instead of boots.

    Being a woman of my word (LOL), I began studying for my license. I got my permit – “drove” my brothers crazy - literally (my baby brother Mike actually had me pull the car over on the highway once, got out, jumped up and down and yelled, “Connie, you have to drive faster than 30 miles an hour on the expressway!!! You’re gonna get us killed!!”).

    I went for my driving test. Both of my brothers were confident I would have to come back to retest. So, they had a good time teasing me about it. Brothers. Ya gotta love ‘em (‘cause ya can’t kill ‘em). Their friend who’d come along to renew his license (and had also cracked jokes on me) failed the test. I passed. I asked if he needed me to take him anywhere. LOL

    My first ride was a baby blue ’65 Dodge - a gift from my mother - which I was told was a classic because it was so old. And that probably explains why folk kept trying to steal it. Seriously. Once, I stepped outside church and there was a tow truck driver in the process of hooking it up. When I asked what he was doing, he said he had an order from *me* to move it to another address. Geez!

    Well, on to the bottom line: don’t fight God when He’s tryin’ to blessha. Say yes really fast, so you don’t have stories like this to tell. LOL