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    Oh the canvas of my life

    Painted pictures tell

    What will eternity say

    Did I live my life very well?

    Did I live my life for eternity’s sake

    Or just follow my own selfish whims

    Going after earthly things

    The light in me pretty dim

    Knowing all things will be burned up

    When the end of the age does arrive

    Only things done in the will of God

    Will have the right to survive

    What have I done for selfishness sake?

    What have I done for love?

    One will turn into ashes

    While the other gets rewards from above

    Lot’s of time has been wasted

    Can I now grow up and live right

    Doing things for eternity’s sake

    For the Lord, can I shine His true light

    In Christ there is always redemption

    My wasted days can turn gold

    When given into the hand of God

    He can give wisdom to replace what is old

    Then wisdom is the gift we give

    Once our eyes have true light

    Living in the dark no more

    We can stand up and do what is right

    Fearing not the shortness of days

    Making each moment count

    Listening to His instructions

    Understanding what life is about

    When it is over we all will bow down

    To the Lover of our souls

    The jewels in our crown will be for Him

    All along, He was the goal

    copyright 2017 Jean Chamblee
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    What a sermon in a poetical form! We should live for and walk with God.