Age (wisdom Poetry-part 2)

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    May 19, 2017
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    Fear strikes on many doors to prevent a tunnel, good for one to open many doors and loss for another on a sure path.
    Acknowledge that there is always judgement and do not let many make you weary.
    All have a use of one to another, let yours leave another in appreciation and company well enjoyed.
    Time presents many areas and space awaits sight with grace.
    In sleeping we fall and in waking we rise, present to each other.
    Let a fall be into trust and your path made clear while protection are your surroundings and remains essential.
    Be cautious of poisoned thorns seeking saving, in your effort and their pretension they observe and cheer while one fails.
    Be encouraging to an undetermined stuck in sometime.
    Let faith be your commitment and love your seal in target's arrow.
    Stay aware of your time in dangerous or opportunistic environments.