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    Beverly Waller
    A story of God's faithfulness to me along the way as I've wandered. When I was a teen, God sent a troubling dream to show me my lifestyle and my future if I didn't change. While in college, a “Christian” campus group became my life. In the years that followed, I was obsessed with a TV show, and then later, my health. The dream God had sent did come true. I suffered a loss before fully repenting of my sins. Once I did, Jesus restored me with words of hope.

    Joanna Alonzo
    Book 2 of The Sacred Scarred Series

    Is he the beast she learned to love?
    Is she the beauty he won over?
    How can a beauty and a brute get to happily ever after?

    When Brendan shows up to her sister's wedding, Calysta realizes who he was all along. After he abandoned her, can she still find it in her heart to love him even if this version of him scares her more than his beastly self ever did?

    Brendan knows he is a stranger to her world and longs to be a part of it. However, the more he spends time with her, the more her secrets unravel before him. Will his old habits return to reject her brokenness or is he indeed the new man he so desires to be for her?

    Find out what happens to Brendan and Calysta in this story about second chances and how one sometimes needs to give it even to those who don't deserve it.

    There's a New Kid in town... and he's brought a crime wave with him.

    Valuable items are going missing in school, and one of Jason's classmates is behind it. Someone in Arbortown is robbing the homes of the students at school - someone who knows when nobody's home. But when they rob Jason's home, they get more than they bargained for. You don't just rob the kid who can STOP TIME and expect you're going to make a clean getaway.

    Meanwhile, Kyne has problems of his own. Someone has kidnapped the Court Wizard, Garon, and Kyne heads out to rescue him. And while he's busy, an invading army has crossed Lynvia's northern border and is marching on the capitol. Delegates from the invading army are demanding the return of their kidnapped princess, who was seen being taken by members of the Royal Lynvian Guard!

    When Jason Fentris, Kyne Goodrum's double, finds out his dad is still alive, he and his friends head out to rescue him from the Mob, confident in their newfound superpowers. But the Mob isn't going to let Jason's dad go quite so easily. After all, there's a contract out on him - and they have a rep to protect.

    In Lynvia, angry dragons are demanding assistance in hunting down a band of thieves - thieves dressed in the green uniforms of the royal Lynvian guard! These imposters have entered the forbidden dragon graveyard and made off with various dragon body parts... But what could anyone want with old dragon bones?

    Middle School is the least of Kyne Goodrum's problems.
    That is, it would be if he could take his dragon along.

    When Kyne moves to a sleepy little town in Tennessee, he has no
    idea the house his family is moving into is 'haunted'. He begins having
    dreams of a world where dragons live, where magic really works, and
    for some inexplicable reason, everyone he meets is trying to kill him!

    He spends each day dealing with bullies and burned-out teachers, and
    each night running for his life. When's a guy gonna get some sleep?
    His only friend is a sarcastic dragon who seems to know much more than he's saying.