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    Dramedy Writer
    Hello Friends! I’m looking for reviews on a time travel I published a few years back. Thanks for checking it out, and if you’d like a free e-book copy in exchange for a review, just let me know!

    Texan native Pearl Benton arrives in Australia expecting to vacation with her family, but instead, she's carried by a wormhole to Roman-ruled Egypt. Kidnapped, made a slave--Pearl doesn't understand why God abandoned her to such a horrible existence. Another time traveler works for her master, and the chance of finding the wormhole that robbed them both of normal, just might be worth putting up with his incessant teasing. Might.

    An Aussie stockman turned fleet helmsman, Trey Bradley has spent years building a life for himself in Alexandria. When his boss decides to use Pearl as a bargaining tool in a summons with the Emperor Nero, he asks Trey to accompany them as her translator. Trey wants to help Pearl escape as he's helped countless others, but God says "no". How can he help deliver Pearl to Nero and live with himself? Can that truly be what God wants?

    As they journey to Rome, Pearl and Trey struggle to set aside their ambitions and choose God's will above their own, even at the cost of life and love.

    Chuck is relating how we are free in this country and also free as Christians. He contrasted how the Galatians "attacked" the early converts wanting them to believe in a set of rules, as the Judaizers, do. This goes against the freedom in Christ exemplified by a living relationship with Jesus as opposed to following rules. We are also free in this country and are also held to a higher standard to uphold those freedoms.

    PS-This my first publishing credit. Did I get it right? Anything else I need to do? Thank you! Todd

    Beverly Waller
    The story continues with what happened after college graduation. In the years that followed, I was obsessed with a TV show, and then later, my health. The dream God had sent did come true. I suffered a loss before fully repenting of my sins. Once I did, Jesus restored me with words of hope.

    Beverly Waller
    A story of God's faithfulness to me along the way as I've wandered. When I was a teen, God sent a troubling dream to show me my lifestyle and my future if I didn't change. While in college, a “Christian” campus group became my life. After I left college, I learned that the group had deceived me.

    Joanna Alonzo
    Book 2 of The Sacred Scarred Series

    Is he the beast she learned to love?
    Is she the beauty he won over?
    How can a beauty and a brute get to happily ever after?

    When Brendan shows up to her sister's wedding, Calysta realizes who he was all along. After he abandoned her, can she still find it in her heart to love him even if this version of him scares her more than his beastly self ever did?

    Brendan knows he is a stranger to her world and longs to be a part of it. However, the more he spends time with her, the more her secrets unravel before him. Will his old habits return to reject her brokenness or is he indeed the new man he so desires to be for her?

    Find out what happens to Brendan and Calysta in this story about second chances and how one sometimes needs to give it even to those who don't deserve it.