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    Maurice M Hebert
    A playful and imaginative romp through occupations and situations. This book explores various occupations from Astronaut to Zookeeper. The delightful illustrations by Megan Tennant and the rhyming text will encourage young readers to use their imaginations in forming questions and answers regarding situations they may find themselves in.

    Harold is fearless. Harold isn't afraid of anything. Well, except the Drain Monster who lives in the bathtub drain. Harold fears bath time because he knows the Drain Monster will eventually get him. Then one day it happens and the Drain Monster appears. But Harold's Mama tells Harold that prayer will save him from his fear and Harold discovers what it truly means to be fearless.

    Freddie the Caterpillar solicits the help of his grasshopper friend, Hoppy, to find out why all the caterpillars are disappearing leaving only small brown "pods" behind. Hoppy sets out to find the answer but is told he must consult Madame Black Widow who "knows everything." At the risk of being eaten, Hoppy visits the Widow and receives the answer in the form of a rhyme, only to return and find Freddie replaced by a small brown "pod." Hoppy must wait until Spring to discover the meaning of the Widow's rhyme. At last the mystery is solved.


    The Martyr

    By DrRita, in Publishing Credits,

    The Martyr, inspired by the martyrdom of Saint Blandina in Lyons, Gaul in 177 A.D., follows the story of her life from wealth to slavery to Christian martyr. Set during the reign of Caesar Marcus Aurelius, Blandina's life suddenly changes when the Romans invade her home in Seleucia, Parthia. Blandina and her family are sold into slavery and death claims them one by one until only she and her 9 year-old sister remain. When they are separated and sold to different masters, Blandina uses her female wiles to win her new owner's trust to execute her escape plan. It goes horribly wrong ending in murder. Blandina finds temporary refuge in a brothel and is finally rescued by Antonio. She is miraculously reunited with her sister, but it is short lived.

    Me, Ruby, and God begins with a plea for God to strengthen the author’s faith. Not long afterwards, Linda breaks up an early morning dog fight in the kennel but in the process gets bitten on the ankle by her young sled dog, Ruby. While preparing to undergo surgery, Linda recognizes that Ruby doesn’t show gratitude for being saved and then questions how much she has shown gratitude for her own salvation.

    In the short anecdotes that follow, Ruby teaches Linda many things about what it means to be a Christian, and how to more truly live her faith every day. The author responds with original prayers that reflect the changes God has wrought through the humble sled dog, culminating with her recognition that she has a role in living the Body and Blood of Christ. Take the journey with Linda and Ruby, and explore your own Christian commitment.

    The Barrier eats all, and sometimes spits out a skeleton as a reminder.

    Hagovi lives on the edge of the Barrier, the end of the world. She studies with the Professor who collects Barrier skeletons. One day he invites her to test a new formula of cream that, he says, will protect her skin and allow her to cross over to the other side.

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