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  1. Shadowjess

    An Aspiring New Author

    Welcome to the forums! I'm relatively new here as well and I can say that it's a very welcoming place!
  2. Shadowjess

    Thank You For Welcoming Me

    Welcome to the forums euggio!
  3. Shadowjess

    Amazon And Spine Issue Resolved

    Congratulations! Looks like beautiful books!
  4. Shadowjess

    Guide To Speaking Rhode Island

    That's about as.. um.. interesting a dialect as alabamian 😜
  5. Shadowjess

    Your Friday Joy!

    Well, it was her stick horse she stuffed in the closet earlier haha
  6. Shadowjess

    Your Friday Joy!

    Thank you for sharing it! My 2 year old was dancing for a moment before she ran off to raid the closet for some unknown reason.
  7. There are no tears here.. nope.. *bawling in the corner*
  8. Shadowjess

    New To Christian Writing

    Welcome! I'm new here as well and I have gotten lots of encouragement/feedback for writing, so you have come to the right place! 😊
  9. Shadowjess

    O Word! Where Have You Been All My Life?

    I stumped my in-laws at scrabble with the word 'Amice'. 😜
  10. Shadowjess

    A Visit From The Jehovah's Witnesses

    I used to live in the middle of a large town (on the edge of a large city) and got a few visits from the local JW. One older man (with a posse of older women behind him) was stunned that I spoke for my husband (Who was in the other room doing morning chores). I wasn't trying to be mean, but I think I scared him a little.
  11. Shadowjess

    Random Silly #2

    This had to be the height of my animating career lol. I was (and still am) Super happy to have animated a 'swarm' and a person running. ...Sorry for the bleeped out s word to anyone who is bothered by it....
  12. Shadowjess

    Tuesday Pick Me Up!

    I just saw the song title and it started playing in my head! Awesome funny, yet true, song.
  13. Shadowjess

    Hi There!

    Hum, sounds fun! I have a LOT of story concepts (and even more characters haha) floating around. We'll see come November
  14. Shadowjess

    Hi There!

    Thank you! I've already found it inspiring and started on chapter 2 of my story. I'm not sure what nanowrimo is exactly.
  15. Shadowjess

    Random Silly #1

    Thank you! I used to draw comics weekly and love drawing in general 😊