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  1. Steven Hutson

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    Your vendor is only a hired hand who does what you tell them to do. Your success will depend on you,not them. And I don't think it's useful to use this forum to give commands to fellow writers. .
  2. Steven Hutson

    Calling Independent Self-published Authors

    It is said of lawyers, the man who represents himself has a fool for a client. I think the same applies to writers, in many situations. When God called the prophets, he didn't just tell them to "go there and do this." He also sent them human teachers. Fallible humans were necessary to the process. God didn't put any of us on this journey, just to get through it alone.Rather, he gave us each different talents and expects us to rely on each other. I've met thousands of people in this business, and never met one who possessed all of the skills necessary to publish a book. Don't even try to go it alone.
  3. Steven Hutson

    Agent Response Time

    But it's nice to have an answer, any answer
  4. Steven Hutson

    A New Venue For Blogging/short Stories

    If I own something, I can publish it anywhere. That is, unless I've already granted an exclusive license to someone else. Writing articles or blog posts, is not copywriting. Very few people possess the gift to do both well. .
  5. Steven Hutson

    Agent Response Time

    A month is nothing in publishing years. I would give it another month, then politely nudge.
  6. Steven Hutson

    A New Venue For Blogging/short Stories

    Copywriting is generally reserved for advertising and marketing, not books.
  7. Steven Hutson

    Question on Copyright of Names

    A name might be protected by a trademark. NOT copyright.
  8. Steven Hutson

    Bad Writing Advice

    Well... I do believe that every writer needs a tribe of the like-minded and missioned. But a group of peers will only get you so far. We also need to find an experienced pro who is farther along in his/her journey, That's how we stay faithful as Christians. And it's also how you get from the mailroom to the corner office, in any industry.)
  9. Steven Hutson

    Bad Writing Advice

    When you're in Tolkein's league, you can make your own rules. Until then, almost every publisher will want you to show.
  10. Steven Hutson

    Bad Writing Advice

    I take full responsibility for crashing Preditors & Editors. They went offline, a couple of weeks after I pointed out a few dozen mistakes on their site. (Such as identifying an American publisher as a literary agency in France.)
  11. Steven Hutson

    Bad Writing Advice

    Not just lately. Most of the online discussion groups I've seen, are populated by people with scant credentials (if any) who claim expertise beyond their actual experience. Then they find each other and gang up on anyone who disagrees. I say, explore every process and then do what works for you. Again, learn from everyone and then do what works for you. (But I think it's safe to say that 1k is too little and 10k is probably too much.) This is what every publisher will expect from you. Period. Nonsense. Flashbacks are overdone, and often confusing. Generally a bad idea, unless you have an experience collaborator or a pro editor. .
  12. Steven Hutson

    I Hate My Editor!

    The critique process that SW describes, is how the business works. I would rather hear those hard lessons now, than to get rejected by publishers again and again and never know why. Good idea.
  13. Steven Hutson

    A New Venue For Blogging/short Stories

    Does anyone know whether you can easily measure your readership there?
  14. Steven Hutson

    Let's Talk About Pen Names

    Another factor, is that (if you're successful) your readers will eventually want to meet you. When you write, you go into your room, close the door, sit in the corner, and create anonymously. But when you market a book, it's important to come out of that shell and be seen. Just the nature of the business. Me, I'm a natural introvert. But for business, I travel about a dozen times a year to speak to large groups of writers. It has been a good discipline for me.
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